RK-02 Gooseneck Rack

The RK-02 is a durable gooseneck rack designed for flexible and ergonomic usage for Dino-Lite. The C-clamp of RK-02 fits to most desk surface or pole up to 3-inch in thickness, horizontally or vertically. With excellent shaping capability of the gooseneck arm, the Dino-Lite can be easily positioned by bending the arm and by adjusting the rotating head. The arm base can also be rotated to provide more degree of freedom, or be fixed with the quick release fastener for uneven surface usage. With the flexible nature, the space-saving RK-02 is ideal for using with most Dino-Lite excepting high magnification models.


More Information

Composed with sturdy obedient arm, rotating joints, and mounting clamp, RK-02 is built to stay put with superior positioning freedom for Dino-Lite®.

Model RK-02 Gooseneck Rack
Unit Weight 1.5kg
Unit Dimension C-Clamp clamping capacity: 7 cm Max.
Gooseneck: 60 cm (L) x 1.5 cm (D)
Materials C-Clamp: steel
Gooseneck: black chrome plated steel
Rotating head: aluminum alloy and steel
Package Dimensions 25cm (L) x 8cm (W) x 3cm (H)
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