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By easily configuring with Dino-Lite, the BL-CDW transmitted-light illuminator provides alternative ways to enhance the contrast of specimen with bright field and dark field modes.

The bright field mode of BL-CDW, which produces a collimated beam of light with no adjustment required, largely reduces the scattered light and therefore may reveal more detail comparing to a diffused backlight.

By switching to dark field mode with a simple touch, the BL-CDW generates a hollow cone of high-intensity light to form dark field illumination. The oblique illumination may reveal more surface details that are not well imaged under bright field illumination.

Note: The BL-CDW is suggested to be used with Dino-Lite at magnification higher than 100x.

Model BL-CDW Backlight Illuminator
Unit Weight approx. 178 g = 0.4 lb. 6.27 oz.
Unit Dimension 51 mm (H) x 54.3 mm (Dia)
Package Dimensions 16 cm (L) x 16 cm (W) x 6 cm (H)
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