AM5218MZTW Dino-Lite Edge

Change between micro- and macro- observations with Dino-Lite AM5218MZTW wide field of view microscope. AM5218MZTW is a 720p live streaming microscope with direct HDMI connectivity to LCD and TV displays, suited for applications that only require a monitor.


More Information

  • HDMI interface

    The HDMI interface allows Dino-Lite to deliver real-time images to a LCD monitor without the presence of a computer.

  • Wide Field of View (WFOV)

    This feature is designed to provide large FOV at a reasonable working distance while keeping a crisp image for macro-view observations

  • Adjustable polarizer

    This model includes a freely adjustable polarizer that is useful for suppressing unwanted glare or reflection from object surface to any extent, making it ideal for most applications.

  • LED Control

    Switch the LEDs On/Off for illumination options by simply touching the MicroTouch for two seconds.

  • Freeze frame

    Choose to take a moment and examine important details by freezing the live video simply by touching the MicroTouch on the Dino-Lite.

Model AM5218MZTW Dino-Lite Edge
Interface HDMI
Product Resolution HD 720p
Magnification Rate 10x~50x
Sensor Color CMOS
Frame Rate 60fps
Microtouch Yes
Unit Weight 125g
Unit Dimension 10.5cm (H) x 3.2cm (D)
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