AM5218MZT Dino-Lite Edge

The Dino-Lite Edge DVI series AM5218MZT offers stunning image quality with minimal display lag within a wide range of magnification. Connecting directly to a LCD monitor with 720p, the AM5218MZT can be well-suited to a host of inspection or assembly applications where space is a luxury or security is a concern.

More Information

  • HD 720p

    View sharp and vibrant details with HD 720p resolution using direct digital DVI interface. The Dino-Lite can be readily used with little effort using a LCD monitor or a large HDTV for detailed observations and impressive presentations.

  • Up to 200x magnification

    Have the freedom to magnify from 20x to 50x the closer the Dino-Lite is to the target, using the Dino-Lite knob to focus for each magnification. Achieve an additional 200x when the Dino-Lite is at close range.

  • Adjustable polarizer

    This model includes a freely adjustable polarizer that is useful for suppressing unwanted glare or reflection from object surface to any extent, making it ideal for most applications.

  • LED Control

    Switch the LEDs On/Off for illumination options by simply touching the MicroTouch for two seconds.

  • Freeze frame

    Choose to take a moment and examine important details by freezing the live video simply by touching the MicroTouch on the Dino-Lite.

Model AM5218MZT Dino-Lite Edge
Interface DVI
Product Resolution HD 720p
Magnification Rate 20x~220x
Sensor Color CMOS
Frame Rate 60fps
Microtouch Yes
Unit Weight 125g
Unit Dimension 10.5cm (H) x 3.2cm (D)
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