AM5212T Dino-Lite Edge

The AM5212T is the latest addition to the Edge series microscopes with AV/TV output interface. Combined with totally revamped optics and 960H sensor technology, it is the latest upgrade over existing Premier series TV-interface models such as the AM4112 and AM412. Also, like all standard magnification models on the Edge series, this microscope incorporates a 20X to 220X magnifying range.

As member of the Dino-Lite Edge series microscopes, there are interchangeable front caps available to suit different purposes. The current available options are close cap, open cap, diffuser cap, extended cap, long cap, and sidelight cap.

The MicroTouch button on the AM5212T is configured to conveniently control on/off the LEDs with a simple tap of a finger. The scroll lock on the magnification dial is able to secure the dial and fix the focus and magnification, which can be helpful to prevent unintentional rotations of the dial in some applications.

The AM5212T does not require a computer or bundled software to operate, but instead works by connecting it to a regular TV using the composite video cable. This microscope is available in either NTSC or PAL video standards depending on your region of residence. Thanks to the simplicity of system configuration and minimized maintenance requirement, the largely reduced overall system and operating cost together with the high image quality makes it ideal for use beyond industrial applications.

More Information

  • High quality optics

    This Dino-Lite Edge series microscope maximizes observed details with state-of-the-art lens design and super sharp resolving power.

  • Convenient flexible magnification

    The Dino-Lite is capable of variable magnification with a range of 20~220x depending of working distance by simply zooming in or out with just a rotating dial.

  • TV connectivity

    Connect the microscope to a TV monitor via the composite video cable for either NTSC or PAL video standards in 960 x 480 high resolutions.

  • MicroTouch button

    Switch on/off the LEDs quickly and conveniently with the MicroTouch button. This small, round, touch-sensitive button is configured to allow you take control of the lighting during observation with a simple tap of a finger.

  • Adaptable cap design

    This model features a detachable and interchangeable front cap that extends its range of use, as different caps are available for various applications. Removing the front cap provides greater working distance and access to the full magnification range.

AM5212T Dino-Lite Edge
Interface Composite Video
Product Resolution 960H
Magnification Rate 20x~220x
Microtouch Tap to turn On/Off LEDs
Lighting 8 white LEDs
Unit Weight 100g
Unit Dimension 10.5cm (H) x 3.2cm (D)
Package Dimensions 16cm (L) x 16cm (W) x 6cm (H)
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