AM5116ZTL Dino-Lite Premier

The Dino-Lite Premier AM5116ZTL, with rotatable polarizer and long working distance, connects to a VGA monitor using D-Sub interface with 720p resolution. With these features the AM5116ZTL can be suitable for applications such as: research, education, inspection, presentation, and more.

The rotatable polarizer of the AM5116ZTL helps to suppress light reflections for delivering better clarity. It can be used in applications such as PCB repair, where the polarizer may help reduce glare for a better view of the soldering.

The long working distance feature also assists by allowing more space under the microscope. Rendering at least 5cm space to work under it with magnification up to 90x.


More Information

  • XGA Resolution

    Use XGA 1024 x 768 resolution with superior image quality under Dino-Lite’s attention to observe with sharp and accurate details.

  • D-sub Interface

    Conveniently use the Dino-Lite on any VGA monitor with D-SUB (15-pin) interface. It is suitable for applications such as inspections, presentations, and training. That makes it useful in an assembly line, workshop, laboratory, store, and more.

  • Long working distance

    Approximately 90x max magnification over 5cm providing comfortable space between objects.

  • Adjustable polarization

    Useful for suppressing glare from reflective materials, such as metals, plastics, or glass, and applicable in dermatology for observing the sub dermal layer of skin.

  • Scroll Lock

    Assure the knobs position with the scroll lock.

  • LED Control

    Switch the LEDs On/Off for illumination options by simply touching the MicroTouch for two seconds.

  • Freeze frame

    Choose to take a moment and examine important details by freezing the live video simply by touching the MicroTouch on the Dino-Lite.

Model AM5116ZTL Dino-Lite Premier
Interface D-sub (15-pin)
Product Resolution 720p
Magnification Rate 20x~90x
Sensor Color CMOS
Frame Rate 60fps
Microtouch LED On/Off- Tap and hold for two seconds
Freeze/ Unfreeze frame- Tap
Lighting 8 white LEDs
Polarizer Yes
Unit Weight 105g
Unit Dimension 10.5cm (H) x 3.2cm (D)
Package Dimensions 16cm (L) x 16cm (W) x 6cm (H)
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